श्री अग्रसेन कन्या महाविद्यालय, बयाना
Recognized by Directorate College Education, Rajasthan and Affiliated to MS Brij University, Bharatpur
President : 09413309938
Secretory: 09414047100
College(O): 05648-223225
Prof. Ramesh Chandra
Sh. Kalraj Mishra
Chancellor and Hon'ble
Governor of Rajasthan

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   Education is an everlasting process of life. First Guru Maa. After that, starting from school, university education obtained at the star of college leads to outward development of human being. It is necessary for the committee to conduct education business on a private level. Provide best resources on physical as well as academic star for the students seeking admission in the institute.

    With the same determination of change, the facilities in the college campus have been properly arranged, with a large building with facilities, a green garden and the necessary ground for various sports required for physical and mental development.

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